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EU begins revision of ferry stability rules for both existing vessels and newbuilds

July 11, 2022 (16:45) European Commission Solas

European Commission asks if SOLAS shipbuilding amendments are good enough

February 27, 2018 (12:12) European Commission IMO passenger shipping

European Commission claims Solas amendments are European Union competence 'in their entirety'

May 30, 2017 (14:02) European Commission IMO Solas

European Commission claims EU competence over Solas, Marpol changes

April 19, 2017 (17:00) European Commission IMO marpol

Cruise industry resistance gathering ahead of damage stability push

October 15, 2015 (15:14) IMO EMSA passenger shipping

Brussels pushing for mooring SOLAS design improvements

March 12, 2015 (10:43) European Commission IMO shipbuilding

EU in new IMO push for improved ship design standards

February 16, 2015 (14:30) European Commission IMO EMSA

Norman Atlantic casualty 'shows EU ship design rules are better than IMO's': Fotis Karamitsos

January 21, 2015 (11:23) IMO European Parliament shipbuilding

European Commission legal service flexing muscles after Germany court defeat

October 31, 2014 (12:31) European Commission IMO European Court of...

EC passenger ship survivability upgrade push shelved in IMO

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