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One in ten ships transiting Gibraltar Strait 'breaking Marpol 0.5% sulphur limit'

September 21, 2021 (10:47) emissions sulphur marpol

Sulphur: EU plans IMO submission on fuel oil quality, non-availability

February 19, 2019 (12:58) European Commission emissions IMO

EC makes competence pitch ahead of IMO submissions on non-compliant fuel, bulk carrier inspections

September 17, 2018 (12:07) European Commission emissions IMO

Euro MPs bow to industry lobbying on port waste reception law

Sulphur: draft port state control position suggests bad weather is no excuse for non-compliant fuel

April 27, 2018 (14:41) European Commission emissions IMO

European Commission claims EU competence over Solas, Marpol changes

April 19, 2017 (17:00) European Commission IMO marpol

*updated* European shipowners salute mandatory IMO CO2 data collection decision, but will it head off any incompatible European law?

April 22, 2016 (17:40) European Commission emissions IMO

*updated* Ship-generated waste: interpretative guidelines seek to push limits of Marpol

April 1, 2016 (15:44) European Commission DG MOVE waste

Port waste reception facilities guidelines headed for publication

March 14, 2016 (14:08) European Commission ESSF waste

*updated* Port waste reception facilities amendments to become law in December

November 23, 2015 (14:56) European Commission COSS waste
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