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Denmark refuses entry to 800 at German Schengen border in six months

November 7, 2023 (17:52) denmark Schengen

Norway uses Estonia/ Finland pipeline sabotage to justify new Schengen restrictions

October 19, 2023 (17:56) Norway Finland Schengen

Norway maintains Schengen port checks on grounds Russian spies might attempt 'high risk' operation

April 24, 2023 (18:19) ports Norway Schengen

Ignoring EC pressure, Sweden prolongs Schengen border checks by six months

November 28, 2022 (15:38) European Commission war Sweden

Denmark reintroduces ferry port border controls for sixth months on grounds that Russian influx has raised terror threat

October 27, 2022 (17:18) Russia denmark war

EC ups pressure on Sweden to end Schengen border controls

September 22, 2022 (14:09) European Commission Sweden Schengen

*updated* Russian seafarers: EC issues guidelines on tougher visa application regime

September 16, 2022 (11:06) European Commission seafaring Russia

*updated* Russian seafarers: clarity sought on EU decision to 'suspend visa facilitation'

September 1, 2022 (16:27) seafaring Russia Schengen

Fearing terror attacks, Norway, Sweden say border checks within Schengen must remain

April 14, 2022 (15:28) Sweden Norway Schengen

Icelandic border controls to last until at least mid-April

April 6, 2021 (14:57) virus Schengen Iceland
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