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Greek shortsea owners want 6-month low-sulphur 'grace period' from 2020

December 7, 2018 (11:17) emissions sulphur Greece

Greek shortsea owners brought sulphur cap worries to European Parliament

November 21, 2018 (12:00) emissions European Parliament sulphur

*updated* EU judges to rule on Greece fines for failure to recovery illegal Hellenic Shipyard aid

There's no point complaining about VAT on domestic passenger routes, says European Commission

Greek coastal fleet 'too old for scrubbers'

October 9, 2018 (11:24) emissions sulphur marine equipment

Despite promises to EC, no sign of Greek action on tonnage tax

August 29, 2018 (16:12) European Commission state aid DG COMP

Greece got away without complete tonnage tax reform

July 5, 2018 (11:11) European Commission state aid DG COMP

Greece 'will close tonnage tax loopholes in July'

June 22, 2018 (12:59) European Commission ports state aid

Greece has three weeks to reform tonnage tax

May 28, 2018 (12:59) taxation Greece

Greek owners report 'signs of stress' in European banking, though that hasn't stopped them ordering

May 24, 2018 (15:30) European Commission taxation Greece
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