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European Commission winning long game in battle for IMO competence with national governments

January 15, 2019 (10:43) European Commission IMO

France unlikely to get Brussels support for re-starting greenhouse gas trading talks

January 14, 2019 (14:25) European Commission emissions IMO

Sulphur: EU Member States and Commission set for tussle over 2020 rule implementation

December 11, 2018 (12:38) emissions IMO sulphur

Antifouling agent cybutryne and its effect on the environment: the evidence

December 10, 2018 (11:40) IMO

EU to push for tighter ro-ro / ro-pax safety after review of 'significant fires'

November 28, 2018 (10:42) IMO marine equipment

EU Council to discuss ro-pax fire hazards

November 27, 2018 (15:49) IMO

Confirmed: France tried to restart IMO market-based measures debate; Bangladesh tried to derail low-sulphur entry-into-force

November 9, 2018 (15:30) emissions IMO sulphur

EU pushing IMO to ban cybutryne, PFOS next in line

November 9, 2018 (14:33) IMO MEPC PPR

CO2: EU bowed to box industry lobbying ahead of indecisive MEPC meeting

October 29, 2018 (15:15) emissions IMO cruise

Sulphur: Brussels sees MEPC outcome as victory over US, China, Brazil, open registries

October 29, 2018 (13:08) European Commission IMO sulphur
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