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Timetable for EU coordination ahead of IMO meetings

January 17, 2020 (12:19) IMO

Brussels set to back IMO clampdown on underwater noise

January 15, 2020 (11:48) IMO Canada

Greenhouse gas: IMO 'tank-to-propeller' approach 'not sufficient' for alternative fuels assessment, says Brussels executive

January 13, 2020 (14:45) emissions IMO LNG

Sulphur: European Commission planning ban on ships that do not comply with IMO 0.5% rule

January 9, 2020 (18:32) European Commission emissions IMO

*updated* Mediterranean emissions control area edging closer, Brussels hints. More NOx, particulate matter regulation under study

January 5, 2020 (14:23) emissions IMO

Open-loop scrubbers: EU talks of 'need to create zero-discharge zones'

December 17, 2019 (11:46) emissions IMO

LNG as fuel: EU push for coastal refuelling points looking counter-productive

December 3, 2019 (11:01) emissions IMO ports

Scrubbers: EU to push IMO for more washwater studies

November 27, 2019 (14:46) IMO marine equipment

IMO amends rules to allow delegations (but not delegates) to be quoted

November 25, 2019 (14:43) IMO

IMO warned Euro MP: 'don't push us on CO2 emissions'

November 15, 2019 (11:28) emissions IMO Jutta Paulus
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