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Maersk head of regulatory affairs: parallel IMO, EU greenhouse gas systems 'probable'; double-counting 'a concern'

September 9, 2022 (13:30) IMO liner shipping WSC

EU IMO online coordination now safely in EC hands

September 5, 2022 (12:10) IMO

EU pushing for commercial vessel speed restrictions in Mediterranean 'whale sanctuary'

August 29, 2022 (13:55) European Commission IMO

FuelEU legislation could have knock-on effect on low-sulphur law implementation

July 7, 2022 (14:47) European Commission IMO sulphur

EU to push for cargo stripping rules change after inspection failures

June 30, 2022 (13:47) European Commission IMO

Russia redrawing Ukraine SAR regions

June 21, 2022 (13:37) IMO war Ukraine

EU 'ocean fund' would not require new bureaucracy

June 20, 2022 (10:41) emissions IMO ecsa

Russia informs IMO that Black Sea 'safe corridor' has been moved 'slightly offshore'

May 31, 2022 (16:17) IMO Russia war

Black Sea seafarer crisis: Russia refused to participate in IMO land corridor evacuation talks after resolution drafters pushed for reference to 'invasion'

April 29, 2022 (11:34) IMO Russia war

Ukraine war: IMO seafarer evacuation talks switch to land corridor following lack of progress on Black Sea 'safe corridor'

April 22, 2022 (20:08) IMO Russia war
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