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LNG-as-fuel has another 30 years: report

July 19, 2023 (09:51) emissions LNG FuelEU

Cruise industry defends use of LNG after green lobby goes for jugular

July 5, 2023 (10:33) emissions cruise LNG

EC leaning on national governments to end Russian LNG imports

March 30, 2023 (14:28) European Commission emissions Russia

Nord Stream sabotage methane release equalled up to a year of industry slippage

March 29, 2023 (13:01) emissions LNG

Sanctions: EC justifies record Russian LNG imports

March 28, 2023 (13:52) sanctions Russia LNG

Korea shipbuilding merger veto: EC dropped concerns over boxships, tankers to focus entirely on large LNG carriers

March 10, 2023 (14:47) European Commission DG COMP LNG

LNG: EC takes first steps towards 'joint purchasing'

January 16, 2023 (13:43) European Commission LNG

ETS: methane 'set for inclusion'; institutions split on entry-into-force date

November 24, 2022 (12:47) emissions European Parliament LNG

Alternative fuels: EU negotiations on bunkering facilities questioned 'sustainability' of LNG

November 10, 2022 (15:04) emissions ports European Parliament

Hesitant EC toys with LNG price 'ceiling'

October 18, 2022 (15:49) European Commission LNG
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