EU carriers hit hard by wave of Algerian protectionism

June 18, 2019 (17:42) Algeria

Brussels launches Fehmarn Belt state aid probe

June 14, 2019 (15:45) European Commission state aid Germany

EC: migrants in territorial waters 'must be granted access to the asylum procedure'

June 14, 2019 (12:42) migration crisis Dimitris Avramopo...

US-owned MARS recycling yard permit 'does not comply with EU law'; locals fear radioactive waste

June 14, 2019 (12:22) shipbreaking denmark

Waste reception facilities: final text

June 12, 2019 (17:08) ports waste

IACS inviting industry leaders to join 'quality assessment review body'

June 11, 2019 (14:56) IACS

Paris MoU to target bad payers with penalty policy

June 7, 2019 (13:25) IMO Port State Control Paris MoU

Industry pleads for data after Paris MoU drops deals with Lloyd's List Intelligence and IHS-Markit

June 7, 2019 (11:15)

Paris MoU rejects Albania's membership bid

June 6, 2019 (14:31) Port State Control Paris MoU Albania

Paris MoU suspends Montenegro's membership bid

June 6, 2019 (14:17) Port State Control Paris MoU Montenegro
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  • EC in 'constructive' talks with Greece on tonnage tax
  • Brussels makes 'final judgment' threat to de-recognise Filipino seafarers
  • Scrubbers: industry seen accepting global regulation with grandfathering rights
  • Greenhouse gas: US filibustering seen as main obstacle to progress in IMO
  • Antwerp: European Commission 'not amused' with Belgian Government dock labour reform report
  • Antwerp: unions take dockside power into digital age
  • Shipbreaking: EC asked Member States to double-check white list yard capacity
  • CO2: EC seen pushing for speed limits
  • Scrubbers: EU push for global open-loop restrictions likely to hit resistance in IMO
  • Sulphur: little credence given to Trump talk of IMO 2020 delay

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