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Too much emphasis on shoreside electricity as CO2 panacea?

March 10, 2020 (16:49) emissions ports ESPO

Emissions trading: industry mixed on Jutta Paulus' chance of radically amending MRV law

February 18, 2020 (18:42) emissions MRV Jutta Paulus

European Commission drops report on IMO de-carbonisation 'progress'

February 11, 2020 (11:21) European Commission emissions IMO

Emissions trading: EC promises 'comprehensive industry involvement' in policy decision

February 10, 2020 (13:59) European Commission emissions MRV

European Parliament discusses MRV data problems

January 22, 2020 (13:46) emissions MRV Jytte Guteland

Emissions trading: Parliament rapporteur searches for a majority; shoreside electricity and efficiency standards amendments also planned (interview)

January 7, 2020 (14:33) emissions MRV Jutta Paulus

MRV rapporteur: compromise possible on inefficient ship naming and shaming

November 15, 2019 (11:53) emissions European Parliament MRV

Euro MPs target maritime emissions trading as part of radical re-write of MRV alignment law

November 15, 2019 (10:29) emissions IMO European Parliament

CO2 emissions: Greek push failed to sink EU plan to publish individual ship data

November 13, 2019 (14:38) European Commission emissions IMO

Emissions: EU pushing Russia towards maritime CO2 clampdown; sulphur enforcement passage redacted

November 10, 2019 (14:08) emissions waste MRV
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