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Fuel standard: EU negotiators watered down call for 'full IMO alignment'

March 1, 2023 (15:55) emissions IMO FuelEU

EC rules on renewable energy for fuels of non-biological origin

February 21, 2023 (16:19) emissions FuelEU

Industry lobbyists make final attempt to influence FuelEU law

February 17, 2023 (12:52) ecsa FuelEU Feport

FuelEU: negotiators enter final round, one sticking point

January 23, 2023 (12:18) emissions FuelEU

Liner lobby calls for incentives for e-fuels ahead of FuelEU trilogue

December 9, 2022 (13:32) emissions FuelEU World Shipping Co...

Alternative fuels: EU port authorities push for clarity, better deal as talks on AFIR, FuelEU enter final stretch

October 20, 2022 (17:16) emissions ports ESPO

FuelEU and ETS laws could end up with different tonnage thresholds, Parliament negotiator admits

October 19, 2022 (16:52) emissions European Parliament FuelEU

ETS: fuel suppliers making headway with 'great lobbying' designed to lower threshold to 400 gt

October 14, 2022 (13:26) emissions MRV FuelEU

FuelEU legislation could have knock-on effect on low-sulphur law implementation

July 7, 2022 (14:47) European Commission IMO sulphur

FuelEU: owners target Parliament negotiator Warborn on fuel supply obligation

June 2, 2022 (10:28) FuelEU
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