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Ignoring EC pressure, Sweden prolongs Schengen border checks by six months

November 28, 2022 (15:38) European Commission Sweden war

EC ups pressure on Sweden to end Schengen border controls

September 22, 2022 (14:09) European Commission Sweden Schengen

Fearing terror attacks, Norway, Sweden say border checks within Schengen must remain

April 14, 2022 (15:28) Sweden Norway Schengen

*updated* France, Sweden hope for increased shoreside electricity take-up

November 9, 2020 (13:16) emissions taxation France

Laid up ferries 'incurring losses of Euro 10 million a month' in Sweden

July 8, 2020 (12:20) passenger shipping virus Sweden

Sweden seeks to limit aid to ferry operators

Sweden planning six-month extension to internal Schengen border controls

April 20, 2020 (15:55) Sweden Schengen

EC threatens Sweden, Romania over shipbreaking; Malta over yacht taxation

February 13, 2020 (15:08) Malta Sweden VAT

Sweden to suspend Schengen until May 2020

October 15, 2019 (14:00) Sweden Schengen

Oresund fixed link: Scandlines court win forces EC to open state aid investigation

February 28, 2019 (12:48) European Commission state aid DG COMP
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