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Post-Brexit seafarer social security entitlements 'still unclear'

January 7, 2021 (15:03) seafaring UK Brexit

EC urges seafarer exemption from EU/ UK virus variant restrictions

January 4, 2021 (13:55) UK Brexit virus

'Singapore on Thames': UK draws up plan for low-tax post-Brexit registry

December 16, 2020 (09:58) taxation UK Brexit

Brexit: Customs duties on UK-made cars 'up to 6% of value' in the absence of a deal

December 10, 2020 (16:54) UK Brexit customs

Brexit: EU single Customs window could impose formalities on GB-Northern Ireland trade

December 1, 2020 (12:52) UK Brexit customs

Brexit: EC rushes through entry summary declaration legislation

November 25, 2020 (13:09) European Commission Brexit customs

EU modifies requirements for animal origin shipments to facilitate post-Brexit trade

November 3, 2020 (14:34) Brexit customs

Brexit: Brussels withdraws demand to impose EU law on UK section of Channel Tunnel

October 22, 2020 (14:18) Brexit Channel Tunnel

Brexit: UK counting on staggered border controls, Customs infrastructure subsidies, to alleviate chokepoints

October 5, 2020 (14:34) ports state aid UK

Intra-EU-only ETS would be good news for UK ports

September 17, 2020 (14:05) European Commission emissions UK
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