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26 EU vessel bans 'related to working and living conditions on board'

July 18, 2018 (12:49) seafaring Violeta Bulc MLC

Undermaintained Corinth Canal 'not eligible for EU funding'

May 22, 2018 (12:03) Greece Violeta Bulc TEN-T

Commission restructuring talk resurfaces as end of mandate approaches

April 23, 2018 (14:12) European Commission DG MOVE Violeta Bulc

EC Commissioner expected to back IMO CO2 deal

April 23, 2018 (13:53) European Commission emissions IMO

Greenhouse gas policy: European Commission official switches jobs

February 27, 2018 (10:00) European Commission emissions IMO

Romania's failure to dredge the Danube 'resulting in alarming losses for farmers'

Brussels Transport Commissioner warns shipowners about imminent autonomous ships revolution: 'maritime will never be the same'

September 7, 2017 (13:39) European Commission IMO DG MOVE

Commissioner Bulc backs EU maritime state aid guidelines despite growing criticism

July 17, 2017 (14:38) Violeta Bulc

European single window tests to begin this month, but is the European Commission capable of legislating?

May 8, 2017 (10:51) European Commission DG MOVE EMSA

Seven governments refuse to implement EU's 'bureaucratic' inland waterways law

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