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CO2: Greek owners want to force speed limits on charterers

October 16, 2019 (11:23) emissions IMO Greece

Brussels shoreside electricity push will be limited by infrastructure

October 14, 2019 (16:46) emissions ports LNG

EC plan to 'force' ships to use shoreside electricity

October 10, 2019 (14:32) European Commission emissions cruise

Fincantieri coy on hydrogen propulsion trials

October 10, 2019 (13:02) emissions Fincantieri hydrogen

Is ammonia the answer to shipping's CO2 conundrum?

October 8, 2019 (11:05) emissions RIna hydrogen

Big low-sulphur fuel premium signals refiners are 'speculating' on 2020 switch

October 8, 2019 (10:50) emissions sulphur marine equipment

Scrubbers: Clean Shipping Alliance basing lobbying campaign on 'flawed science' argument

October 7, 2019 (14:21) emissions sulphur marine equipment

Emissions: owners set to rely on Member State opposition to sink von der Leyen's trading proposal

October 7, 2019 (13:24) European Commission emissions

Continuing likelihood of 'erroneously encoded' MRV-THETIS emissions data

October 2, 2019 (11:32) emissions classification MRV

'Not today' says EC when asked for CO2 emissions trading details

September 19, 2019 (13:16) European Commission emissions MRV
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