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Maersk head of regulatory affairs: parallel IMO, EU greenhouse gas systems 'probable'; double-counting 'a concern'

September 9, 2022 (13:30) IMO liner shipping WSC

Greek owners flexing muscles - and driving policy - in more than one industry association

July 6, 2022 (17:38) ecsa ICS WSC

Ocean carriers urge national governments to overturn European Parliament amendment designed to make charterers pay emissions trading allowances

June 23, 2022 (11:03) emissions ecsa Union of Greek Sh...

Beefed-up World Shipping Council starting to look like rival to ECSA / ICS as lobbying efforts splinter

May 20, 2022 (15:44) cruise liner shipping inland waterways

Emissions trading: Parliament committee drops amendment on life-cycle emissions from alternative fuels

May 18, 2022 (16:41) emissions ecsa WSC

Emissions trading: Danish owners break with ECSA position ahead of key Parliament vote on who should pay allowances

May 13, 2022 (12:28) emissions European Parliament ecsa

Emissions trading: battle to decide who pays allowances enters final phase

May 2, 2022 (10:20) emissions European Parliament ecsa

De-carbonisation: liner industry seeks to prod IMO into action

February 11, 2022 (10:54) emissions IMO WSC

Emissions trading: Greek owners criticise World Shipping Council in ongoing owner-charterer row

January 28, 2022 (13:41) emissions WSC UGS

All eyes on US Senate as ocean carriers try again to influence supply chain law

January 26, 2022 (17:23) liner shipping US WSC
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