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Tirrenia privatisation: EC concludes Saremar probe; no 'economic continuity' with successor

May 19, 2022 (15:04) European Commission state aid Tirrenia

Tirrenia: EC told Italy to recover more than Euro 37 million in illegal aid

October 12, 2020 (17:43) Tirrenia Toremar

Italy's Grimaldi asks European Commission to intervene over 'distorting' state aid to Tirrenia / Moby

June 2, 2020 (11:22) European Commission state aid Italy

*updated* Italy trying to 'escape responsibility' for illegal Tirrenia state aid payments

January 23, 2019 (13:22) state aid European Court of... Tirrenia

Delays to EC Tirrenia probe 'causing uncertainty' on Sardinia routes

September 24, 2018 (14:44) state aid Italy Tirrenia

Slow justice: Italian maritime state aid case from the 1970s is still alive in the EU court

May 25, 2018 (14:33) European Court of... Tirrenia

Four years later, DG COMP is 'still investigating' Italy's unfinished Tirrenia privatisation

August 11, 2017 (13:23) European Commission DG COMP Italy

*updated* Tirrenia state aid recovery decisions covered more than just Saremar

January 27, 2014 (16:13) European Commission state aid DG COMP

Brussels silent on Tirrenia / Saremar 'summit'

August 12, 2013 (14:54) European Commission Italy Joaquín Almunia

Brussels in the dark on Sardinia's Flotta Sarda ferry subsidy plans

July 2, 2013 (21:08) state aid Italy siim kallas
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