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*updated* ECSA chair Claes Berglund: 'We have to live with EU emissions laws'

November 11, 2021 (13:02) emissions ecsa

Emissions: industry lobbying over definition of 'company' hides owner-charterer power games

October 29, 2021 (12:39) ecsa MRV Union of Greek Sh...

*updated* ECSA secretary general Martin Dorsman departs 'by mutual agreement'

October 5, 2021 (14:01) ecsa

Former ECSA chair Panagiotis Laskaridis resigns from Union of Greek Shipowners after comments about prime minister

June 2, 2021 (09:43) ecsa Union of Greek Sh...

*updated* Eyebrows raised as European Commission dodges ECSA shipbreaking seminar

May 5, 2021 (16:39) European Commission ecsa shipbreaking

Editorial: Do public consultations and impact assessments serve any purpose?

April 21, 2021 (12:22) European Commission emissions ecsa

Emissions trading: EU shipowners call for 'phase-in period'

January 14, 2021 (16:43) emissions ecsa MRV

IMO GHG deal: 'little support' among 'ambitious' EU owners

October 27, 2020 (16:30) emissions IMO ecsa

*updated* EU owners promise a 'constructive' approach on emissions trading, though dominant Greeks do not want to know

September 11, 2020 (16:31) emissions ecsa Union of Greek Sh...

Industry concern grows as EC pushes on with plan to tax bunker fuel

April 17, 2020 (14:47) European Commission taxation ecsa
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