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Migrant crisis: Brussels backs ban on departure of NGO-chartered rescue vessels

April 30, 2019 (12:05) European Commission Spain migration crisis

Green light for Polish box terminal takeover

Euroports takeover notification under Brussels microscope

April 29, 2019 (14:07) European Commission Euroports

Ship-specific CO2 emissions figures on course to be published in June; EC expects market impact

April 26, 2019 (15:02) emissions MRV

Green lobby turns against LNG as fuel, once the European Commission's lows emissions poster child

Port waste reception facilities: here come the 'green ships'

April 24, 2019 (15:51) waste

EC predicts big savings from admin simplification laws, though its track record is poor

April 12, 2019 (12:09) European Commission emissions IMO

Seafaring: EU institutions close in on final text of third country recognition law

April 9, 2019 (15:22) seafaring

Industry claims accelerated greenhouse gas targets would kill off reefer newbuilds

April 8, 2019 (17:45) emissions

EU prepares IMO position on paraffin wax discharge; lifeboats; alternative fuels

April 3, 2019 (11:02) IMO LNG MEPC
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