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Emissions trading: EU Presidency tells parliament negotiator that MRV law is 'not a priority'

September 9, 2020 (10:11) emissions European Parliament virus

Greek owners plead for suspension of loan default clauses and debt moratorium

September 7, 2020 (16:12) emissions taxation virus

Emissions trading law heads to Parliament plenary amid radio silence from German EU Presidency

September 3, 2020 (10:15) emissions Germany MRV

CO2 emissions: European Commission pours cold water on industry's R&D fund proposal

August 5, 2020 (17:08) European Commission emissions IMO

EC to funnel recovery fund towards 'future-proof' ships

August 4, 2020 (12:01) European Commission emissions state aid

Donald Trump: what effect has he had on the maritime industries over the last four years?

July 30, 2020 (09:18) emissions IMO US

Emissions trading: huge sums riding on definition of 'port call'

Emissions trading: EU summit agrees in principle to shipping's inclusion

July 22, 2020 (12:58) emissions

EU emissions trading: it's too late to kill it off, so owners should focus on the detail

July 15, 2020 (13:48) emissions Jutta Paulus

Methanol-powered passenger vessels trial secures EU approval

July 13, 2020 (14:04) emissions
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