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*updated* Barge owners play down report of 'final deadlock' on working time agreement

January 12, 2015 (16:44) European Council inland waterways ETF

UK and Malta opposed deal on removal of seafarer exclusions from EU employment law

December 10, 2014 (13:14) seafaring European Council UK

CO2 emissions: Greece and Cyprus criticise 'questionable' EU law

December 10, 2014 (11:44) emissions European Council Greece

*updated* Iran sanctions suspension extended

November 27, 2014 (12:00) European Council sanctions iran

CO2 monitoring: shipowning nations failed to muster blocking minority

November 27, 2014 (11:56) emissions European Council ecsa

Council legal service says Germany court ruling on decision-making 'constitutes leading case'

November 25, 2014 (16:43) IMO European Court of... European Council

European Commission legal service flexing muscles after Germany court defeat

October 31, 2014 (12:31) European Commission IMO European Court of...

Collective seafarer redundancies: Greece sought to clarify meaning of single word 'where' in EU law

October 21, 2014 (15:32) seafaring European Council ecsa

Port services: Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands and Finland 'disappointed' by lack of financial transparency

October 13, 2014 (14:39) ports European Council denmark

Port services: UK government warming to draft EU text, UK industry still opposed

October 10, 2014 (11:52) ports European Council ecsa
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