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Carrier liability 'does not apply in Schengen' (unless there is a security threat)

July 24, 2017 (13:42) security Schengen Dimitris Avramopo...

‘Flag of convenience’ vessels ‘pose national security risks’ says lawmakers’ report

July 19, 2017 (12:52) seafaring security ITF

European Commission sharpens ship security inspection powers

March 31, 2016 (14:37) European Commission security

Court action prompts Spain to accelerate port security plans

April 24, 2015 (15:24) ports European Court of... Spain

Non-SOLAS security threats dismissed though LNG 'deliberate attack' concerns remain

September 23, 2013 (11:50) European Commission ports Solas

European Commission promises e-manifest within two years

July 8, 2013 (17:53) European Commission ports DG MOVE

Germany launches piracy protection scheme; weapons of war prohibited

June 24, 2013 (14:08) Germany piracy Belgium

EC tables ship security inspection notification

June 14, 2013 (11:11) European Commission ports security

Box lines 'transship in North Africa to avoid EU security bureaucracy'

December 12, 2012 (11:41) ports container shipping ESPO

Customs: will EU move towards US-style advanced cargo declarations?

December 11, 2012 (13:41) customs container shipping security
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