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Netherlands spells out maritime disaster responsibility

March 27, 2017 (15:48) Netherlands P&I liability

Dutch cruise port at Harlingen 'aiming for 2.8% market share'

January 19, 2017 (12:48) European Commission ports state aid

Netherlands secures amendments to EU passenger ship inspection legislation

Netherlands pushes back against more stringent inspections for ferries and high-speed passenger craft

EU safety proposal will 'jeopardise tall ship races'

August 29, 2016 (16:41) Netherlands Ireland

Ports: Belgium tried to wriggle out of European Commission corporate tax decision

August 15, 2016 (16:02) European Commission ports state aid

Brussels opens in-depth probes into French, Belgian port corporate tax exemptions

July 8, 2016 (13:24) European Commission ports state aid

Shipbreaking: EU law is redundant because European yards can compete with cash buyers, says Dutch investor

Netherlands shipbuilders must pay European Commission legal costs after failed Spanish tax-lease appeal

French port tax exemptions are 'outdated' and must end, insists European Commission

April 1, 2016 (13:02) European Commission ports DG COMP
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