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Sulphur enforcement: Trident Alliance urges port states to take control of high seas

January 26, 2018 (11:57) European Commission emissions IMO

European Commission plan for pool of EU port state/ flag state control inspectors

Portugal taken to the European Court of Justice over flag state quality management system

Port state control: Paris MoU closes shipbreaking loophole; rejects call for dilution of inspector standards

MLC revision: Brussels wants to throw EU weight behind creation of shipowner guarantees covering abandonment, death and disability

Flag state control MLC Directive in Official Journal

Unclear offshore definitions 'holding back MLC 2006 implementation'

October 16, 2013 (14:32) seafaring Port State Control offshore

Portugal bottom of the class on flag state audit, quality management

August 20, 2013 (14:05) European Commission IMO siim kallas

*updated* Port state control MLC agreement hits statute books

Confusion over MLC port state control inspections

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