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European Commission transport team refuses to discuss Brexit

September 7, 2017 (14:03) European Commission European Parliament TRAN

Niels Smedegaard: no drama at ECSA

May 23, 2017 (10:46) ecsa Brexit UK Chamber of Shi...

ECSA circulates low-profile Brexit 'mapping exercise'

February 7, 2017 (16:51) ecsa UK Brexit

Brexit: Danish shipowners raise alarm over UK Chamber's offshore preferred bidder scheme call

January 18, 2017 (15:37) state aid DG MOVE ecsa

How will ECSA react to UK Chamber's Brexit blueprint?

December 2, 2016 (11:38) ecsa UK Brexit

*updated* Brexit: UK Chamber wants other Red Ensign flags included in tonnage tax rules

November 25, 2016 (13:23) state aid ecsa UK

COMMENT: Three scenarios for a maritime Brexit

September 28, 2016 (14:48) European Commission UK Brexit

What consequences would 'Brexit' have for Lloyd's Register?

May 23, 2016 (13:56) classification UK Brexit

UK flag in 'dramatic' decline, reasons unclear

February 20, 2015 (17:52) UK Chamber of Shi...

UK Chamber of Shipping: Brussels office will stay shut

December 8, 2014 (15:18) UK Chamber of Shi...
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