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Mixed reports on CLIA Europe campaign to overturn anti-scrubber sentiment

December 1, 2017 (10:36) emissions sulphur DG MOVE

CLIA Europe loses another secretary general

November 29, 2017 (11:33) cruise CLIA Europe

Andreas Chrysostomou joins Brussels cruise lobby

May 3, 2017 (12:20) IMO CLIA Europe

All change at cruise association CLIA as US parent flexes muscles

December 12, 2016 (11:15) cruise CLIA Europe CLIA

Russia drops objections to Baltic clampdown as EU support for Ukraine Crimea protest weakens

September 22, 2016 (13:50) emissions IMO Sweden

IMO sewage negotiators stray into Russian maritime boundary dispute

September 30, 2015 (15:52) IMO MEPC Russia

Cruise giant Carnival lobbying DG Environment on sulphur scrubber washwater

September 24, 2015 (14:54) European Commission emissions sulphur

European Commission dashes hopes of sulphur scrubber grandfathering rights

September 18, 2015 (12:58) emissions sulphur ecsa

Cruise giant Carnival pushes European Commission for sulphur emissions compliance deal

September 24, 2014 (11:16) European Commission emissions IMO

Cruise industry asks for amendment to 'incorrect' ESSF minutes

June 17, 2014 (09:35) emissions sulphur cruise
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